The Working Woman

The secret to Alfred Sung’s early success was his particular blend of the aesthetic with the practical. The brand speaks volumes to a generation of women who entered the workforce in the 1980’s when Alfred seized the attention of the international fashion community for his exquisite and novel interpretations of classic women’s suiting. Alfred’s designs helped liberate them from the male uniforms they were obligated to wear in the name of credibility and acceptance. Back then, to “look the part” meant severely tailored navy suits, patterned silk bow ties, mid-calf skirts and sensible shoes. Then along came Sung with his bright colours, clean lines and subtle feminine flourishes. He made it possible for women to look feminine and still be taken seriously - and women loved him for it.

We’re very excited to continue the tradition of well-made, tailored clothing for women with our new bespoke services. Custom clothing is an old-world solution re-invented for modern professional women to look impeccably coordinated with perfectly fitting jackets, pants and shirts.

Alfred Sung in 1994

Alfred and the Mimrans saw a great gap in the North American fashion market during the 1980’s. While the top European and American designers were offering Pret-a-porter at close to couture prices, no one was making apparel with great taste at affordable prices. ALFRED SUNG plunged in and created haute chic at the right price - below that of the European and American name designers, yet above average mass-produced apparel. His newly opened boutiques, situated beside Yves Saint Laurent and Giorgio Armani shops, were selling briskly, even in the middle of one of the worst recessions in thirty years.

ALFRED SUNG will never be listed among the trendy; his garments are too simplistic, too refined, too beautiful for such a label. Over the years the SUNG style and brand have become synonymous with a classic, elegant, worldly, thoughtful and reflective style of dressing. In a word, it’s - “polished".

These attributes have served as the basis for this varied and wide-ranging brand. “You have to be constantly thinking, what do women want to wear now?” says Sung. There is a quiet elegance and simplicity about the new bespoke service that appeals to women of all ages. Perhaps it is the “season less” approach to designing a wardrobe with mileage that has drawn us to appeal to women’s trust in the brand as a source of timeless style and good taste.

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