The Alfred Sung brand has stayed true to the same vision of timeless, uncomplicated style for over 40 years, from the early days dressing the emerging working woman of the 1980's to the numerous fashion and accessory lines bearing the brand's name. Alfred Sung and business partners Mimran Group Inc. are Canadian leaders in the design, marketing and distribution of apparel, accessories, home fashion and fragrances. The brand is synonymous with elegant design, impeccable quality and attention to detail.

We believe in simplicity, consistency and building a wardrobe with items you can wear season after season. Versatile, sophisticated and easy to wear, our products are designed with purpose. Considered design, exceptional quality and the perfect fit have always been the hallmarks of our brand. Based in Toronto Canada, our timeless designs transcend both age and season with a signature sense of understated luxury.




Jordin and Tamara Mimran

Mimran Group Inc. (MGI) was founded in 1980 with the establishment of the ALFRED SUNG® brand(s), its core asset. Jordin and Tamara Mimran are the current executive sibling team operating MGI, the owner and worldwide licensor of ALFRED SUNG trademarks, with over 150 registered trademarks in major markets. The company provides design direction for product development of branded products, which are distributed through various channels all over the world.