Caring For Your Favorite Shirts

With the right care, a high quality shirt can last for several years.

Follow our simple steps to keep your formal shirts looking sharp for years to come.

Prepare Your Shirt

Before washing, prepare your shirts properly. Unbutton all buttons, including cuff and collar buttons and remove the collar stays. Pre-treat any stains by spot cleaning them with a mild stain remover. Never use bleach on your shirt as this will damage the fabric.

Wash At 30 Degrees

Unless the care label specifies otherwise, machine wash your cotton shirts at 30 degrees to avoid them shrinking. A lower temperature will also help the shirt’s fabric retain its colour for longer. Always separate white and dark colours.

Never Tumble Dry

Never tumble dry cotton shirts as this will shrink the fabric and shorten their life cycle. Instead, hang them up to air dry naturally. We recommend that you hang your shirts on wide shoulder hangers to reduce stress on the fabric and seams around the shoulders, taking care of your shirts allowing them to last longer.

Iron While Damp

It’s best to iron your shirts while they are still damp. This will enable you to dry iron without having to use the steam function and will ensure a smooth finish.

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