Think Ultra Slim

It all started in the 1960’s when technological advances enabled watch makers to go slimmer in profile, guided initially by the desire for elegance. The compact, formal watch went into retreat starting in the mid-2000s, as the diameters of wristwatches grew and grew. But the plain and simple dress watch of the 1960’s has come back to the forefront.

We at ALFRED SUNG are so happy to see this return of elegance and classic sophistication. Wearing these watches seems easier, as they can be worn elegantly in the day or evening and fit neatly under a men’s dress shirt without a struggle or adjustment to the cuff width.

To us, watches will never go out of style or be traded in for a smart phone. Having a watch becomes part of your daily routine, it can feel like a second skin. This is why we wanted to create something comfortable and light to wear all-day and everyday.

Watches can sometimes be intimidating, while creating this collection we are hoping to make it easier. The barrier of entry on wrist accessories feels a lot higher than it should sometimes, with some quality timepieces often costing tens of thousands of dollars. The goal of finding a watch that looks good and can go with your look should be simple, manageable, and affordable. As you'll see, one of the best aspects of our ultra slim collection is that it provides a sophisticated product at a price that is attainable for everyone.


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