Working From Home

Just like so many around the world right now, the ALFRED SUNG team is working from home. We wanted to inspire you with our top 5 tips for staying productive and creative while working from home.

1. Get Dressed For Your Day

Even though you’re not heading into the office, it’s helpful to get dressed in the morning to shift into work-mode. Don’t stay in your pajamas all day, stay chic for impromptu video conference calls, but also make sure you’re comfortable.

Work At Home - Get dressed for your day

2. Have A Designated Workplace

Create a space that is your work from home area. Even if it’s a small corner of your bedroom, try to clear a place for your laptop, notebook and a coffee. It will help you be more productive and separate your work time from your personal life.

Work From Home - Have a designated workspace

3. Schedule Your Work

It may not be sustainable to keep your 9-5 office schedule at home, but try to “own your time” by separating work time from personal time. Productivity goes up and down during the workday. In this new reality, we’ve got to figure out our own new normal. Don’t forget to schedule breaks into your day.

Work From Home - Schedule your work

4. Keep Moving

Change your location throughout the day to break up the time and make sure to add some physical activity to your routine. Incorporate more exercise and make a point of getting some fresh air if you can, even if it’s to the rooftop of your building.

Work from home - Keep moving, keep mindful

5. Don’t Over Work

Take advantage of this flex time to be with family or catch up on a favorite hobby and practice self-care. Make your own decisions about what type of media to follow and remember that a good night sleep is crucial in stressful and uncertain times like these.

Work From Home - Don't over work