Why We Love Writing

As “slow living” and mindfulness have become the preferred counter movement to our increasingly digital world, the demand for beautiful and personal stationery has grown rapidly in past years. At ALFRED SUNG, we embrace the digital era, but at the same time we understand the importance of keeping a pen and paper nearby. 
There are brain-friendly benefits of writing out letters, notes, essays, or journal entries by hand that you can’t get from typing. Writing by hand really connects you with the words and allows your brain to focus on them, understand them and learn from them.
Here are a few reasons why we love putting a pen to paper:
Taking notes by hand improves your learning, studies have proven that laptop note takers have a tendency to transcribe lectures verbatim rather than processing information and re framing it in their own words, which is detrimental to learning.
Writing encourages brain development, to write by hand fine motor control is needed over the fingers. You have to pay attention and think about what and how you are doing it. You have to practice. Brain imaging studies show that writing activates areas of the brain that do not participate in keyboarding.

Writing by hand acts as a good cognitive exercise for ageing brains.

A hand-written list helps get it done. Writing helps people derive information from their past experiences that help them guide their perceptions, actions, thoughts and emotions in the present.

Writing by hand can soothe the nerves, writing in a journal can get your emotions out on paper, there is a certain intentional that comes with forming letters on a paper, one that is lost when tapping plastic buttons.

The act of moving a pen over paper can fan a creative spark into life. Because it’s a sweeping, fluid physical motion, writing by hand can unlock much of the same artistic creativity as using painting or sketching.

Grab a pen and start writing… and don’t be afraid to doodle.