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Whether it’s relaxing with a warm cup of tea, chilling on your patio or doing the dishes, music is the perfect companion around the house. So to celebrate the launch of ALFRED, we’ve started a playlist for you to enjoy some choice selections for the home.

These tracks are often soulful with a strongly defined beat, but it’s the beautiful vocal lines that make these tunes your new companion to wearing comfy clothes.



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About some of the artists:

Arlo Parks
Turning only 21 years old the year that this playlist was made, Arlo Parks is an R&B Singer/Songwriter hailing from the bustling London music scene. Her influences are varied making her music a rich tapestry of soulful pop sounds.
Arlo Parks

Jordan Rakei
Originally from New Zealand and later relocating to Australia, Jordan Rakei has a voice that might remind older readers of Jay Kay from Jamiroquai. His nu-jazz tracks have been held in high regard over the past few years, and for this playlist we selected his cover of Donald Byrd’s fusion classic, Wind Parade.

Jordan Rakei

Busty and the Bass
Located in Montreal, Busty and the Bass have been shedding their roots as a university party band into a more refined sound for the home. Their track Out of Love features Macy Gray, a familiar voice to the world of soulful grooves.


Buster And The Bass