How To Wash A Cloth Face Mask

As face masks are now a requirement in public or at work places, we now find ourselves wearing a face covering everyday.  A high quality reusable cloth face mask can be a great alternative to disposable masks, but cloth face masks do need to be washed regularly.  The CDC suggests a cloth face mask be washed daily after each use.  Here's a simple guide to help you keep your cloth face mask looking good and free from any viruses or bacteria.


Before washing, prepare your mask by removing the used PM2.5 personal filter and discarding it.

How To Wash A Cloth Face Mask


You can machine wash your masks using regular laundry detergent at 30 degrees to avoid them shrinking.  A lower temperature will also help the masks fabric retain its colour for longer. Always separate white from dark colours.

Wash Your Cloth Face Mask


Never tumble dry cotton face masks as this will shrink the fabric and shorten their life cycle. Instead, hang them up to air dry naturally. We recommend that you hang your mask or lay it flat to dry.

Line Dry Cloth Face Mask


It’s best to iron your cloth face mask while it is still damp. This will enable you to dry iron without having to use the steam function and will ensure a smooth finish.  Keep the mask folded in half when ironing.

Iron Cloth Face Mask


Once your mask is pressed and ready to wear, make sure to insert a new PM2.5 personal filter into the interior sewn-in pocket.  We sell replacement filters in a convenient 30-pack here

Replacement PM2.5 Personal Filter 30-Pack