Camel Is The Color To Wear Now

An outfit unto itself, the camel coat never screams for attention, but it always commands the room. The colour is flattering to all complexions and the shape - worn open or belted - exudes nonchalant elegance.

Perhaps what makes a great camel coat so appealing is its versatility—whether you choose to style yours with jeans and flats, or over a classic navy pant, there's really no wrong way to wear it; and there's no better time to invest in one of these timeless, goes-with-everything staples. 

Neutral pieces are key when creating an outfit because they balance the other elements, so you can really build from them. We love wearing head-to-toe camel and there is no denying that monochrome is chic.

Dressing head-to-toe in the same colour is flattering, elegant and time-saving.
But be careful, although the monochromatic look may seem easy and fast, there are a few points you should consider before throwing together your head-to-toe monochrome outfit.

The word mono means single and chromatic; colour, so basically, a monochromatic outfit consists in wearing all items of clothing in the same shade.  

Monochromatic doesn’t mean that you have to wear the same solid colour from head to toe. You can actually play with different shades of the same colour and different textures too: try mixing materials or checks to make your look more interesting.

Monochrome elongates the body, so it is an excellent choice for Petites, and when worn wisely, can be incredibly flattering for all body types. You can use the different shades of the colour you chose in your advantage; wear the lighter hues on the parts of your body you want to emphasize and the darker shades where you would instead draw less attention.

However you plan to wear your camel invest in great quality, long lasting staples that will take you from season to season.