Brody Rankka Makes Donation to Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) has been providing a place to stay for families with seriously ill children undergoing treatment. The Toronto chapter has been in operation since 1981, and provides space for 81 families at any given time. 

Ronald McDonald House has been a huge source of support for the extended family of Alfred Sung Directors Jordin and Tamara Mimran. Their brave cousin Brody Rankka has been battling cancer since he was 7 and recently went through his third round of treatment at Sick Kids Hospital. Ronald McDonald House provided a place to stay for his family while he underwent intensive care. 

Brody asked Jordin and Tamara if there is any way to give back to Ronald MacDonald House through Alfred Sung, and the team immediately got to work with preparing a donation of masks to the foundation. 

Alfred Sung Kids Masks At Ronald McDonald House Toronto

Over the course of a few weeks during the holidays, our team packaged up the masks and made its delivery on January 8th. 

Alfred Sung & Mimran Group Inc. are happy to support such an important organization helping families affected by illness. We thank Ronald McDonald House Charities for being a source of support to not only Brody’s family, but to all families who have a young child undergoing treatment. 

While this year has been difficult in so many ways, our hearts go out to those people who have additional medical concerns in addition to managing personal safety issues due to the pandemic. We hope that no matter what situation you find yourself in, that our masks can help support you through this difficult time.